Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Singapore Vacation: Day 1- Departure/Arrival

Day 1 of 6- July 2, 2012 (Monday) Departure/Arrival-

Our flight for Singapore is at 1:35 pm via Cebu Pacific at Terminal 3. I travelled with my mom, sister-in-law and her daughter and 2 nephews/ 1 niece. We left the house around 8:30 am and we got there around 9:30 am. I intentionally wanted to leave the house as early as possible to give time for possible traffic or any hassle.

I paid for our travel taxes: P1,620.00 for adults and P810 for my 9yr old niece. The counters of the Cebu Pacific were still close so we waited for few more minutes. We are a bit nervous about our luggage because we might go over and true enough when we got to the counter we are over 20 kilos. We don’t want to pay for the excess so step on the side and put some things from the luggage and make some handcarry. We are only allowed 60 kilos for the 7 of us bec. We only paid 4 (15kilos each) luggage.
IMG_8282Anyway, we weighed and it was still 69 kilos and we’re excess of 9 kilos. We have no choice but to just pay P400/kilo = 9x400 = P3,600. I was ready to pay that amount because I have no choice but fortunately the teller made us only pay for P600. I was bargaining if she can just let me pay for nothing but she refuses. Anyway, we’re done and off we go to the immigration.

It was the 1st time for my 9yr old niece Reign to ride an airplane so we was pretty scared but excited. We arrived at Singapore’s Budget Terminal at past 2 pm. It was raining a bit and quite hot when we arrived. Wheel chairs are available so we took one for mom so she will not have a hard time walking. The immigration didn’t asked much; he just noticed my short hair though.
Upon arrival, we called my sister’s friend to fetch us there and around 30 mins, my 2 sisters, my BIL and our hosts are there to pick us up. We stayed at my sister’s friend at a nice subdivision at Bhukit Thima. She was so generous to accommodate all of us 10.

We just rest after arriving and took some photos so we’ll be ready for our long day ahead in Singapore.

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