Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our Singapore Vacation: Day 2- Dukw Tour, Singapore Flyer, Vivo City

Day 2 of 6- July 3, 2012 (Tuesday)
Dukw Tour (water and city tour)
Singapore Flyer Vivo City
Night Safari

We woke up quite early around 5pm and we hurriedly dress up because it’ll be a busy day for us. Our gracious hosts drove us at Dukw Tour area aboard their 2 cars. It was raining at that time so I was feeling a bit cold because I’m also PMSing.. Yah I know it’s a bad timing for me! Good thing is that I have a cardigan with me all the time because the weather is just crazy.

We  boarded an amphibian looking vehicle and it toured us along the city while the guide is telling us about the story of the place. Later on we drove along the river passing Singapore Flyer and various buildings and attractions. It was fun but it rained while we’re on the boat.
IMG_8416IMG_8431 taken aboard the dukw (amphibian vehicle) It was raining from time to time

Afterwards we went to Singapore Flyer and Vivo City Singapore Flyer / Vivo City It was still raining after we had the Dukw tour but we still decided to board the Singapore Flyer, which is not a wise decision that we did. They asked us if we still want to board or wait for the rain to stop. My sister agreed that we hop in so off we go. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the beauty of the city because of the heavy rains..  but we just entertained ourselves and eat some snacks while inside. It was scary for me as I am afraid of heights. The Singapore Flyer took about 30 mins. It was lunch time already so we used our free vouchers.

We all had $10 food vouchers we ordered lots of food, noodles and more. The Singapore foods were a bit different so it was new for all of us. We all managed to eat almost everything that we ordered.

I had this delicious noodles (forgot what it is called)
After lunch, we went to VIVO City for a little shopping at MAC store etc. 

Tiring but we still need to go to NIGHT SAFARI in the evening.  Will post soon.

In the meantime here’s our:
Our Singapore Vacation Day 1 – July 2, 2012

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