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Our Singapore Vacation: Day 4- Sentosa Island

Day 4 of 6 - July 5, 2012 (Thurs.)
Parkway Mall
Sentosa Island
After going to Universal Studios, we’re now on a new adventure.
Oh dear, it was gloomy and raining that day. First, we stopped by at the Agency of my sister’s friend first before going to Parkway mall. I remember my sis and others are drenched in the rain because I only had one umbrella with me. We just waited for the rain to stop before proceeding to the mall. Yay, it was another experience for us!

We shopped there and had our lunch and by 3 pm our service (sister’s friends) took us at Sentosa Island and they just fetch us when we’re done. The view was breathtaking so we took the chance to have our photos taken there.
Faber Point Sentosa Island Singapore
View from Faber Point is amazing!!!!
Later on we rode the cable car. I was with my mom, SIL, BIL and sister while the teens and sis Joy are on the other car. As usual it was a scary but fun ride. I had experience riding cable cars in Australia and Hongkong but still I got scared but managed this ride.

Our first stop is the TIGER SKY TOWER. Oh dear, it is slowly spinning while climbing and going down and since I’m afraid of heights it scared me once again. At first, I got so nervous but it was a delight while on top. We saw the surroundings of Sentosa Island plus a little bit of Malaysia. Oh boy, I think I felt dizzy for a while after getting off this ride.

TIGER SKY TOWER - Sentosa IslandTIGER SKY TOWER - Sentosa IslandTIGER SKY TOWER - Sentosa IslandTIGER SKY TOWER - Sentosa IslandRomancing the SNAKES. Sis J and nieces/nephews hold the snakes for S$5.00 each. We continued our walk and we reached the MERLION WALK. We then went inside the Merlion and had the chance to go inside the mouth and its head.
Breaktime! It’s ice cream time so we bought at STICKHOUSE. Mine was chocolate with bit of almond on top. Yum!!

I’m not feeling well again!! Must be because of the spinning Tiger Tower and the ice cream .. BOOO!! Felt different so I didn’t ride the …….., …. And all the 3D rides.. Ahh what a bummer! I didn’t enjoy Sentosa at all wahhhhh!
We’re supposed to watch the SONGS OF THE SEA but sis insisted on going home already. We didn’t even go near the beach. Sayang! Oh well, I guess, the rides made all of us tired and shaky
BIL wanted to try the sting ray food so we had our dinner at BHUKIT THIMA market and Food Center. It was not the best place to eat because it was a little bit dirty and noisy. We have no choice but we ate because WE’RE ALL HUNGRY!!! Lol.

Home by almost 10 pm… zzzzzzzz tired!

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