Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crazy Rock/ Heavy Metal Music

It’s fun to reminisce the days while I was growing up. I was just around 8 or 9 while my older brothers are in their teens or early 20’s when our house looked like a concert area. Older brothers will play rock music on our turntable using the LP records, they’d turn on the volume full blast and they will also do the head-banging thing, lol. The popular rock singers/bands back then were ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Flloyd, Jethro Tull and more. Ahh.. just imagine all the noise in the house when they are playing their music. It was crazy!

I also remember our eldest brother playing the electric guitar and the piano and there are times when their friend will bring their drum set and play loudly at our garage. It was a riot. These days, they still have a guitar and an old piano a relative gave us but we wished that’s a yamaha cp50
that can play high quality sounds.

Thankfully, their rock crazed teenage years have passed that’s why my ears can already hear only sweet music.

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