Friday, August 17, 2012

There’s Always Sunshine After the Rain

Hello all! Been quiet here for the past weeks.

As you all know monsoon rains left the country with so much destruction. I guess you have seen photos on Yahoo News and other websites about the damage it has caused our country. Manila was like a waterworld while the cities and other provinces surrounding it also looks like a mini ocean already where people are riding rubber boats or bancas while crossing the flooded streets.

We have seen lots of act of kindness and heroism. Pinoys are always helpful to those in need. Storm Helen also came this weekend and I’m not sure it has left the country already. Some parts of La Union and other provinces are still in water and I just wish that they can recover soon.

Today, I woke up with the rays of sun shining on my bedroom window and I could not help but thank God for that. It only means that more people can enjoy the long weekend with their families outside their homes, plus it’s also the time where we can dry our clothes outside and clean our places.

We’re so thankful that we are not affected by the recent calamities but our hearts go to all those affected. In these times of trials in our lives not just here in our country, I will not blame if some people wanted to secure their own life and their family’ safety first by reading and inquiring at about different life or even medical insurances.

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