Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Not Just Junk

I guess by now, you already know that my brother has a small gallery for his paintings, photography and old stuff or memorabilia. He is a self-taught artist and has won numerous awards locally both for his oil paintings and photography. We are his big fan and big critic and I guess he doesn't mind the latter for he knows we are saying the truth so he can improve his craft. It's been years, probably over a decade already that he started painting for personal gratification and commercial gain.

As for being a collector, I'm not really quite sure when did he started and what is his first collections. All I know that he got some old stuff from my late grandmother's wooden chest (baul)and found several coin/bills, pictures and other stuff that can be dated back in the 20-30's. 

Right now, his collections of old long playing records, pictures, Marine corps coins, currency coins/bills, magazines, vintage bottles and whole lot more cannot be considered as junk but treasured memories of the past.I'm so sure that my bro will continue to add more on his collection until he finds more vintage stuff.

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