Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Moved for the __th Time

I'm not quite sure how many times that my sister moved to a new house. Sis in Riyadh with her husband have been moving from one apartment to another for many reasons. They moved because the place is not near their workplace and other times they feel that the apartment is not big enough to accommodate their children when they visit them on holidays.  Now, that all of their 3 children are living and studying in the same university here in Manila, they don't need to have a big house anymore so they moved once again.

Moving is very tiring and I could just imagine all the packing and the unpacking of the boxes. In fact, some of their stuff that they don't want to bring in their new apartment were sent already here in Phils. so we can use or sell them. I'm not sure how owning or renting a property works in their place but I hope that they are dealing with a  considerate landlord or  caretaker. It sure looks good to deal with people that really knows real estate and houses for rent like property management fayetteville nc as what I have seen online.

I wish that my sister will finally settle on their new place now, if not, then I guess she needs to find a new home for the __th time.

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