Thursday, November 22, 2012

Music and Magic: Rockstar Themed Party

My niece Reign, her mom and I attended Bela’s 7th birthday last Nov. 18th that was held at YCWA in UN Avenue Manila. In fact, Bela and I have the same exact birthday (Nov. 16) but her grand party was held on a weekend.

The party has a Rockstar theme therefore almost all the kids are wearing their rockstar attires. Upon entering the venue, there’ll be registration and kids will be given their ID with their names on it and some goodies already.

Immediately, my niece got so excited when she saw all the booths, decorations and the kids. The party was so grand and it clearly shows all the hard work and the details that were put into it. The food and give-away are overflowing and we’re so thankful that we’ve been invited.

This is the stage where the kids dance, model, sing and play. They got great lights and sound system and with the high quality sound that they had during the party and other audio effects gadgets to give the superb sounds. The kids just had so much fun dancing to different songs esp. Psy’s Gangnam Style.

bela's bday
Reign loves her ribbon-like hairstyle with glitters and all. bela's bday2
With some of my friends that attended the party!

The party started at around 1 pm and ended at around 6pm. I’m sure my niece would like to come if there will be another party soon. Thankfully, my brother fetched us at the venue because if not, it’ll be hard for us to go home.

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