Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Safety whileTraveling

As much as possible, I would like to travel and visit all the wonderful scenery that we have here in the country. Sad to say, I have not gone to many places/key cities or provinces that I believe have great natural wonders but I am hoping that there will come a time that I’ll travel more often. If budget were not an issue, I would certainly love to travel to see beautiful Palawan, Bohol, Batanes, Davao, Boracay Island and more. There are just too many beautiful places that are just waiting for my arrival.

I’ve also been to three (3) other countries, that includes Australia, Hongkong and Singapore, and there’s no doubt that I enjoyed all my visits in those countries. I wanted to see more countries and places to explore. Traveling can open us to many different cultures, food, places and experiences that are worth remembering.

Traveling by an airplane, boat or a yacht can be an awesome and scary experience for many of us. Those that hate flying can experience jetlag or feeling of floating and pressure on the ears while those that have seasickness will find riding a boat or a yacht a challenge.

When traveling whether by air or sea, are you always paying attention to all the precautionary measures that flight stewards or personnel are talking about? I bet some of you didn’t even care but it’s always best to pay much interest on it for it can help you when accidents happen while you are on board.

Did you know that some life jackets that are available on board are also equipped with compressed gas cylinder? Aviation Gas Cylinders are filled with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and they are used on inflatable adult, child and infant life jackets. These automatic life jackets will automatically be inflated when you’re in the water already. The carbon dioxide cylinder products can be used on inflatable devices for aviation, marine, military and sporting goods.

I hope the next time you go on board an aircraft or boat; you’ll find those warnings or safety precautions very helpful. In fact, inflatable devices will definitely save our lives in emergency situations.

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