Friday, December 7, 2012

Is Yoga for me?

I'm not really an exercise buff but from time to time I've been doing my simple Zumba exercise at the comforts of my home, which I really enjoyed doing so. It's not really so physical or strenuous forme because the steps are just simple and easy to follow. It's like you are just dancing and strutting yourself sans exercise equipment. I just turn on the Youtube and off I go to my exercise routine. I can do that for 30 mins. 2-3 times a week but lately I noticed that I have not been it especially that I got colds yay.

A friend of mine is into yoga and she's been encouraging me to try that exercise. It's not strenuous as well but there are lots of stretching and deep breathing which can be good for our body. If the time comes when I'll decided to try Yoda, I can quickly find yogitoes here that I can take to the gym or just use at home. Right now, all I need is a little exercise with no complications at all.

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