Saturday, December 22, 2012

Letter to Santa

Three more days and it's Christmas day already and my dear 9 year-old niece has already made a letter to Santa Claus that she inserted on her Christmas stocking only just yesterday. Actually,she already have many gifts in mind long time ago but since she's still contemplating on what gift to write to Santa that is why it took a while for her to make a letter.

Anyway, here's her very short letter telling Santa what she wants for Christmas. She did not enumerate the gifts that she wanted, instead she browse the internet and took some photos, printed it on paper. She told me that it's much easier for Santa to know what she likes when there is a picture hehe. I guess Santa will not have a hard time getting her gift this year.

BTW, here's the list of what she wants.
1. Play kitchen set
2. Microphone
3.My Little Pony toys

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