Thursday, December 13, 2012

Of Being Forgetful

It’s been how many months now that I wasn’t able to man our internet café because I opted to stay at home to work full time online. It gives me peace and more time to blog and do my online works at home. My sister-in-law and another helper are usually managing the shop while I only visit the place from time to time.

My SIL is always the one closing our internet café during at night and there are already many instances when she’s been locking the door only to find out the next morning that she lost the keys. With my thorough search, it was believed that she forgot the keys inside the store. We have no other option but to bring the duplicate keys just to open the door and true enough the keys are inside the store. Fortunately, duplicate keys are still around, if not, locksmith will be our only last resort to have it opened.

Really there are times when we become forgetful in locking our car or house and leaving the keys inside. Thankfully, locksmiths like Locksmith calgary AB can save our day for they have special skills and instruments to do the job right. Sure, we can open our doorknobs if we try hard but most of the times, our locks become damage that we end up replacing the whole doorknob itself.

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