Tuesday, December 4, 2012

World's Most Luxurious Designers' Home Furniture

The world’s most upscale and grand home furniture comes with an appropriate price tag that can knock your eyeballs out. Of course, if these items weren’t pricey, they wouldn’t be the most splendid and luxurious of all home furnishings. Here, then, are objets d’art fit for kings and captains of industry.

Sub-Zero Pro 48

To properly chill the foie gras and caviar, the sophisticated lady will want a Sub-Zero Pro 48. Priced at $13,800, this side-by-side fridge and freezer features a glass door so that a quick midnight snack of that leftover $400 per pound wagyu beef can be sighted immediately. The Pro 48 has smart microprocessors that will maintain the Chablis at the correct sipping temperature. Should the nanny forget to close this fridge, it will sense the incoming warm air and close the doors.

Archeo Copper Bathtub

For odd but wealthy fellows who need a bathroom centerpiece to float their diamond-encrusted rubber duckies, the Archeo tub is fashioned from solid copper. At more than five feet long and nearly three feet wide, it can seat two individuals who love playing battleship. This $67,557 tub was designed by the master craftsmen who refurbished the torch held by Lady Liberty in New York Harbor.

Solid Gold Stool

After a tough day of closing billion dollar deals, the shogun of industry will want to relax his footsies on a solid gold foot stool. Fashioned of 110 pounds of pure gold, the Eileen Gray Dragons chair is priced at a bargain basement price of $1.3 million. Anyone interested should hurry to the Jiangsu jewelry store in China because every dollar that gold goes up per ounce adds to the final price.

Ruijssenaars magnetic floating bed

The kids will enjoy bouncing up and down on the Ruijssenaars bed that is suspended in mid-air by a magnetic field. It floats about 40cm off the floor and can handle 900kg of weight. Engineers will need to install Bakker Magnetics in the humble hovel so the bed can work its magic carpet trick. The cost is an affordable $1.6 million.

Dragons Chair

What earns this chair an honored place in luxurious home furniture is the fact that someone paid $27.8 million for it at the Gran Palais auction in Paris. It was at one time the property of famed fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, so his sitting in this chair probably cranked up the price by at least 1,000 percent. It was expected to sell for a measly two or three million, but what’s an extra $25 million among friends?

Badminton Cabinet

For a cool $36.7 million, Madonna would have a suitable place to store her pointy bras. This 12-foot tall polished ebony and gold cabinet is inset with polished and cut semi-precious stones. The 3rd Duke of Beaufort commissioned 30 experts to create this masterpiece, and it took them six years to finish it. The stones are set to depict various scenes that tickled the young duke’s fancy at the Badminton House in Gloucestershire. It sold at auction for the above amount 10 years ago.

Written by Kylie Ward Kylie is a proud mum of four boys and loves DIY home improvement. She has recently redesigned her kids’ bedroom and bought a bunk bed. She also received some fantastic bedroom design tips from the team at Bunkers. Kylie prides herself on coming up with smart space saving solutions for her home.

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