Monday, January 7, 2013

Not a Good Sign

What a way to start 2013 with a low blood pressure!

It's been days already when I'm feeling a little bit nauseated, had headache and out of balance. At first, I thought I just woke up at the wrong side of the bed or probably had a wrong position while sleeping but when the symptoms are becoming more frequent, I knew it was something unusual.

Since we have a blood pressure gadget at home when I'm taking my mom's bp, I asked a friend who was at the house that time to take my blood pressure. She took it several times and the reading was 90/70 and I knew it was low. I never really imagined that I'll have low bp.

I am guessing that my frequent staying up late almost everyday also contribute to that especially during the holidays. I'm also not taking any supplements at the moment that's why my body will prone to illness.

I'm just too afraid that my condition will get worse, that's why for 3 days now, I see to it that I'll be in my bed at 10pm or before 11pm so that I'll have 8 hours or more than of good night sleep.

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