Thursday, January 24, 2013

Temperature's Droppin'

I woke up early today at 5 am but didn't do walking with Sophie because we are scheduled to walk MWF. It was cold and I guess it was even lower than 21C around that time. There are lots of trees and vacant lot surrounding our house so we can really feel the coldness of the weather. I wore my tights, cardigan and wrapped with a fleece blanket and even opened one window to keep warm but still it's cold. Yay! but it's bearable anyway. I'm sure this cool/cold weather will  not last for long so we might as well enjoy it.

I got sick last week with cold and fever but thankfully I recovered after I stopped drinking cold medicine as per my SIL's advice. I just drink lots of water, eat fruits and veggies all the time and it helped.

Pretty sure, all of us love and hate this cold weather but it's a nice change! It's like we're in HK on wintertime or in Australia's fall season, which I miss! So just bundle up, curl up in bed, sip your coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy the cool weather!

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