Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013 !!

Happy happy New Year from my family to yours! May 2013 brings us more blessings, love, happiness and good health!

We ended 2012 with a big bang even though our family is not complete because my 2 sisters and their family are overseas. We set up a videoke where most of us sing our hearts out. Reign had her turn singing Disney songs.
I also bought some goodies (foods) for our exciting mini-raffle. We all had fun picking our numbers and getting our prizes. I think we'll do this on next new year celebration for it also keeps us wide awake waiting for the clock to strike 12.
My dog Sophie was so scared when she hears loud sounds of the firecrackers so I have to cuddle her and bring her to dark room so she can relax. I'm just to afraid that she might die because of the stress so I have to make sure that I'm with her all the time. Aww. poor Sophie !

Then the revelry begins!

Just take a look at the smoke from the all the firecrackers that our neighbors used. Our family didn't have firecrackers we only used sparklers and fountain so that we can be safe welcoming 2013.

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