Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When Malware Attacks!

My blogs are all important to me!!!. Not only it is where I can share all my experiences, life's happenings, tips, desires and internet finds, my blogs are also great source of income for me and many other bloggers out there.

We always want to make sure that they are always "live" on the web for our readers to read and appreciate that's why we need a good web host for our blogs. However, things can't actually operate smoothly as they will always be glitches and downtime for anything. I have experienced downtime, 404 error and other minor problems on my blogs but not until last week where I experienced my blogs being blocked on the web.

When I saw this warning THREAT IS BLOCKED! message when I opened 4 of my Wordpress blogs hosted by Bluehost and maintained by my nephew, I know there is something wrong. I immediately called the attention of my nephew and told him about this. Not sure how he fixed the problem but my blogs are accessible for few days again.
All along I though that my blogs are ok already but when my friend Race told me that some of my blogs appeared blank, I was shocked to see it was real blank! I contacted my nephew and he said he'll look into this and he got a word from Bluehost that the account was attacked by MALWARE! How could a big hosting company can be vulnerable and attacked by those pesky malware argghh..

Now, I am left with hopes that my blogs will be intact once it's back. It's already been 2 days now since they are down and I'm getting impatient already since I have some opps for those blogs.

I'm sure it's every blogger's nightmare to see their blog/s down for over 24 hrs. !!Wish me and my blogs luck! I'm not sure if I will be alright if the files and posts will gone!!

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