Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5 Reasons Why Female Cyclists Are Chic

When many people think about avid cyclists, they often think of men. However, there are a lot of women out there who enjoy cycling, and more women should possibly consider getting involved in this sport. Although some people think that cycling isn't very feminine, there are actually a lot of reasons why female cyclists are incredibly chic.

These are just five of the reasons.
Female Cyclists Get Great Workouts
Cycling involves a lot of cardiovascular exercise, and it also helps to tone up the muscles in the legs, buttocks and elsewhere in the body. Therefore, women cyclists who take their cycling very seriously often have great, in-shape and incredibly healthy bodies. This is one great incentive for hitting the bike trail, and it can be a lot of fun too.

Cycling Clothes Can Be Incredibly Stylish
When you think of cycling clothes, you might think of ridiculously tight, brightly colored and overall unflattering cycling clothing. Although some people do choose to wear these types of threads, chic female cyclists know that there are lots of attractive outfits that are perfect for cycling. In fact, there are even brands out there that are dedicated to creating and selling gorgeous outfits that help female cyclists look their best while still remaining comfortable when they hit their bikes.

Female Cyclists Can Grub Out 
Following a strict diet isn't fun, but many women think it is the only way that they can keep their bodies looking good for bikini season. Female cyclists don't have to settle for salads at every meal, however; since they get a great workout every day, they can enjoy indulgences every now and then without worrying about gaining extra pounds.

Cycling Gear is Fun
For women who love to shop, shopping for cycling gear can be a real thrill. Not only is there a lot of great cycling clothes out there that are perfect for female cyclists, but there are tons of fun accessories as well, such as decorative water bottles and fun bags.

Cycling is a Great Way to Meet People
Female cyclists get to make lots of great friends along the way; since there are so many people involved in cycling, it isn't difficult to meet new people who they have a lot in common with. Therefore, cycling is something that anyone should consider who is looking for a way to make new friends while participating in a fun and healthy activity.

These are just a few of the reasons why female cyclists truly are chic, and other women who are looking for a way to get a great workout, get involved in a new sport, meet new people and enjoy trendy and stylish cycling clothes should consider giving cycling a try. For a comprehensive range of chic female bikes, check out vendors such as 99bikes.com.au.

Written by Sammy Hanson /Image from:womenwhocycle.com

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