Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Backing Up Blogs

Ever since my blogs went down from malware attack, I've been so nervous and anxious. Just imagine 4 of my blogs went blank! My nephew was able to retrieve them removed the malicious codes that was inserted on the blogs. My blogs went back but not for long when a friend buzzed me that one of my blog is reported as an ATTACK SITE! .. what???? attack site? how could that be?

Contacted my host again and it seems that it's infected again. A friend helped me cleaned my WP panel but my host has not yet done the cppanel cleaning. There's too much work on this and I'm having a difficult time.

warning sign that no web owner wants to see on their site
Right now, I'm slowly transferring my other blogs to another server. Also, I have made a backup of all my blogs because I don't want to lose all my posts that I made. Too bad, I don;t any xml backup on the other blog that G warned as an attack site.

This is what I learned : Always back up your blog/s just in case!

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