Saturday, February 23, 2013

Going Beyond Your Grandmother's Cooking

Trends in cooking have changed dramatically since your grandmother was whisking up jellyrolls and huge roast feasts fit to feed any number of guests. More recently television has introduced a new way to access more recipes and trends in cooking with multiple shows on non-food devoted television channels in addition to specific food networking channels. Your grandmother had access to cook books and recipes from friends and family whereas you have television, Internet and magazines, books, and friends and family. One particular item that is taking the country by storm is panini sandwiches. Caf├ęs, bistros, diners, and high-end restaurants all have their versions of panini recipes. Not only are the recipes and cooking trends different but also the kitchen utilities such as pots and pans you use for making these new eclectic foods have been altered.

Panini sandwich recipes are relatively easy to find and create; there are hundreds of variations of paninis and each one can be created with a few bowls (for mixing) and a panini press or skillet. If you love paninis but perhaps do not make them often, you can always create your own panini by using a stove top with a skillet and a plain plate. Once ready, place sandwich in skillet and place a plate over the top of the sandwich to 'press' it down. Flip and continue until bread is browned and sandwich is cooked through. Find the panini mouthwatering recipes that are right for you and then share them with your friends.

Panini’s usually have meat, cheese, vegetable and some sort of sauce; however, there are hundreds of combinations that could very well exclude all or some of these ingredients. One particular recipe involves braising meet in a long, slow manner. Many cooks use a Dutch Oven for this process but the best one to have is one with French ceramic on cast iron pots because it retains heat much better, allows meat to become more flavorful, it uses less fattening agents like butter or canola oil.Although some of grandma's recipes are to be cherished and continued to be made, there are so many more options for recipes out there that you could have a different type of meal every single night for several years! Panini’s are the 'it' food right now and the cookery that comes with it has had a nice boom for those manufacturers but you don't need to have the highest quality or high-end kitchen cookware to make a delicious panini.

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