Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hobbies into Business

I used to have a lot of hobbies before. I was into crafts- making topiaries, garlands, and other decorative items as gifts and decors in our house. I also tried my hand in jewelry making using different kinds of stones, crystals and beads. They all started as hobbies but later on saw the potential of making profit out of them so I was able to sell few pieces at my store.

In the 90's I was cross-stitching and even had the chance to sell supplies and materials  for quite a while. It was a craze back then and I have some framed cross-stitched pieces still hanging in my room and in my store but they are not for sale anymore.

These days, I'm now into digital scrapbooking and since I also know how to make some graphics, I'm also selling some digi-kits at Artscow for a couple of years now. The sales that I got from the store are very helpful indeed and even though I'm not active in making new kits now, thankfully, there are still using my templates and buying my kits.

I also have some few friends who turned their own hobby into business. One is making beautiful headbands and ribbons for girls and she's selling online as well. Another friend is very creative in making keychains etc. made out of clay while another one is making stationeries and other desktop publishing. I will not wonder anymore if one day another friend will venture into business card printing for we are a bunch of creative and very enterprising individuals.

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