Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Reading and Singing the Passion of Christ

Today is Holy Wednesday and just like many Catholics around  the globe, we are observing Holy Week. During this week, there are various Lenten activities that devotees can join and one is the PABASA or the reading of the Passion.
Source: wikipedia:
Pabasa ng Pasyon ("Reading of the Passion"), known simply as Pabasa (literally "Reading", but is specifically a "sponsored reading-and-chanting ritual") is a Holy Week practice in the Philippines that involves the chanted or sung reading of the narrative of the life, passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
You could see "huts"or make shift pabasa area in the neighborhood where anyone is welcome to read with a chanting sound. These days, some areas do the reading by singing wherein there are several microphones and even a guitarist playing the guitar. However some people don't agree by this kind of reading because some younger generation change the melody making it more contemporary losing the old tradition. I just hope they will not do it the rock way as a sign of respect.

I just hope this pabasa tradition will be pass on from one generation to generation.

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