Monday, April 15, 2013

Slashed Bag

One Saturday morning, I decided to dropped by the tiangge near our public market for sellers have lots of cheap everyday shirts, shorts and more. I was so excited that morning for I am looking for some items that I can by for myself.

I brought my usual big everyday bag that can accommodate all my stuff (cellphone, camera, rayban shades etc. etc.) . My bag was really stuffed with all important things and never in my mind that a shocking incident will happen to me that day.

I scoured all the stalls in the area to see what I can buy while carrying my bag. I bought some things and when I was about to pay the seller noticed my bag and told me that "Ate, na -slash ang bag mo?!!" (Sis, your bag was slashed!

I was shocked.! Look at those cuts!

I looked over my bag and I saw 2 long cuts at the bottom. I hurriedly looked inside my bag to see if I lost some things but thankfully none.The lining on the bag saved me! THANK GOD! I am guessing that while the person is slashing my bag, I suddenly moved so she/he was not able to fully slashed it.

Honestly, I didn't feel or noticed anyone being so close to me...I'm so thankful that she/he got nothing. This incident made so aware now about bringing big bag while shopping.

From now on, I will use body bag or will not bring any more bag at our neighborhood tiangges for it is not safe anymore.. Sad!.

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