Friday, May 31, 2013

New Graduates in the Family

My sister and her husband are both OFW's in the Middle East and they went back home because 2 of the children are graduating from Mapua. Their hearts are contained with gladness and appreciation because after so many years or working hard overseas just to send their children to college, finally they have graduated. Few weeks before their children's graduation, they arrived and we're able to spend out town as well as what I have posted in my previous posts.

Last May 23, my niece and nephew graduated from their university, MAPUA to be exact. End of May is not the usual graduation month for most university students but their univ having 4 sems in a year that is why their commencement exercises are dated like that.

With so much pride and joy, my sister, BIL, my mom, bro and their other child attended the graduation rites at PICC and since there are too many graduates that time, it was almost late at night when they arrived home. Ah.... finally they are newly graduates already.

My nephew earned a degree in Computer Engineering and luckily he already got a job after he finished his OJT in the company. Meanwhile, her sister finished Multi-media arts at the same university. She is planning to apply for a job soon. Praying for their success in the future and hope they can give back to their parents.

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