Friday, June 7, 2013

Cleaned and Organized my Closet

Finally, I found time to clean my closet!

This morning, our clothes washer arrived in the house because we already have mountain loads of clothes to be washed. I also instructed her to take all the bed sheets and all the curtains so it can be washed as well. While taking out some hangers for her, I took the time to clean and organize my closet for it's already overflowing.

Blame it on my spending on clothes last summer that is why I have no more hangers and place in my closet. I folded and segregate all the shirrs and other clothes that I have that I will not use anymore so I can sell it on our garage sale on December. I was a bit shocked to see all the clothes that I have accumulated all this years and it's time to part ways on some of them.

Not quite sure if all the other clothes that being washed can still fit in my small closet .. yay!

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