Thursday, July 25, 2013

Discount Perfumes, Colognes and more

When most people think of perfume, they think of floral accents, fragrant fruits, fresh linens and elegant spices. They think of big names in fashion and celebrities that ostensibly smell as good as they look. Recent news revealed, however, that a new player is about to enter the perfume market. Notre Dame, the Catholic research university located in South Bend, Indiana, said they will be selling scents for both men and women who are fans of the school's Fighting Irish. The scent will also be featured in body wash, shaving gels, body lotion and lip balm. The football team is one of the most successful college sports organizations in the country, with an estimated value of more than $100 million dollars.

Norte Dame isn't the first institution to release a sports team related perfume. The Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Dodgers all have signature scents for their fans to wear before, during and after the game. Marketing experts believe that these scents create a greater emotional connection between the fans and their favorite competitors. While team related perfumes can cost a significant amount of money,discount perfumes from are always available for women who want a more traditional and elegant scent for nights out or summer walks.

No one really knows if Notre Dame's new scented campaign will be popular with the fans or not, but it is sure to draw the attention of Fighting Irish enthusiasts who already wear perfume and cologne on a regular basis.

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