Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Different Career

I had the chance to work in a hospital while I’m still training as a Medical Technologist. It’s pretty chic wearing our white uniforms as it exude professionalism and dignity. Working in a medical industry where everything needs to be precise and at times hectic and busy, all we need is comfortable working clothes. It’s very impossible to work well if you have ill-fitting and poor hot fabrics on your skin.

There are times that I still miss working in the hospital. We had tons of works like getting blood samples of patients, interacting with patients, "reading" various samples, recording and reporting the results. We need to be careful in doing all the procedures because it is where the doctors will base their prescription. Bad result can even lead to death and that is sometime that no medical professional wants to happen.

I have a different career now but still love the education that I got back in college.

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