Monday, August 26, 2013

Kids and Career Choice

What do you want to be when you grow up??

I can still remember this question when I was still young.  Some adults , mostly my relatives often ask this question to me and that time I'm always telling them that I want to be a "bank teller". It started when my sister and I used to play and I was a bank teller and she's my customer. Counting paper money and typing at my invisible computer seem to excite me and I guess being a bank teller is so cool. Unfortunately, when I grew up and went to college my choices changed so I end up taking BS Medical Technology. Twist of fate, now I''m have a different career.

Anyway, I've been throwing back that same question to my nieces and nephews up to now. I have 2 nephews who'll enter college next school year 2014 and I'm sure they already have ideas on what course they want to take up. I know it may change or they are not decided yet.

One nephew wants to take up Computer Engineering since he is inclined to Math subject, computer and analysis.

Another nephew of mine said that he wanted to take up Conservatory of Music. It had left me quite concerned at first for I'm not quite sure if he really wants that. I have no position to tell him what to take up in College but if that want he wants then what can I do. His parents is not against his thoughts so who am I to hinder what he desires. All I know is that he loves to play the guitar, tinker with his laptop to mix some music and sing.Who knows one day, he'll become a musician or with authority in the music industry? And with the technology today like the new recording interface for ipad at musician's friend, mixing and creating music can be a piece of cake.

Wishing that whatever career choice they want to have, they need to study hard and be focused on it.

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