Thursday, August 29, 2013

Teaching Kids to Help in House Chores

Doing chores at home is something we need to teach kids but sometimes it's hard for adults to engage them in helping us.

One positive thing that I learned to keep my niece help me with simple house chore is to talk to her calmly and motivate her. The trick is very effective so whenever I need her to help me, I just talk to her and she'll do it without hesitation. I'm also lucky because there are many instances that she helps without me telling her to do so.

I guess, we need to reinforce to kids the value of helping and having a responsibility at home. Putting away her toys and cleaning her cluttered stuff can be done without resistant if you instill in them that they need to do it all the time. I know most of the times kids will  not do it but they will surely learn and follow in the end and this will surely test your parenting skills

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