Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Typhoon Maring and Habagat (Soutwest Monsoon) Bring Severe floods in Metro Manila and Nearby Provinces

Oh dear Lord, our country is faced with yet another calamity and we humbly ask for your mercy. !!

It is sad to note that  typhoon Maring and Habagat (Souhtwest Monsoon) bring severe floods in Metro Manila and nearby provinces here in Luzon..

ALL CLASSES and all GOV'T office are suspended due to heavy rains and flood in:
Manila, Cavite, Rizal, Pampanga, Batangas, Occidental Mindoro and some more part of Luzon.

Here is an image that I found at Yahoo.com
along Espana and Morayta :(
My family are very fortunate for our house is not affected by any flooding for our place is on a higher ground. However, I just learned this morning that my older brother's place is affected by flood and they have no choice but to put their stuff on their second floor.

The streets are flooded and if the rain will still continue until tonight, chances are  the water will still come up. As of this writing, the rain already stopped and we're praying that the typhoon and monsoon rain will also come out of our country for there are too many already who are affected. Many houses made of light materials are washed by the floods and many infrastructures are damage.

I just hope that we continue to pray for everyone's safety as we can never really tell when high floods will arise. And before you even sleep at night on your dry and comfy bed (some with mattress latex materials), let us pray for those that don't have no more homes and only staying at relocating sites.

Go away Maring and Habagat, we don;t need you here in our country!

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