Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let the Kids be Creative

Oh yes, let the kids be creative even if it means a messy house!! lol

Kids love to experiment. They need something to do in their spare time. They'll either draw, make some paper cuttings, create a figure or whatever that is a product of their creative minds.

I know, your house can be really messy just like this but we are sure that kids' brains and creativity is working and not idle. This is their way how to express their feelings, what they think or how they envision of what they want to be in the future.

Who knows they can be an architect, visual artists, designer or engineer one day, right?

My 9-yr old niece is always painting, doodling, making a doll house and making a mess. Her parents most especially her mom will always scold her because of the  mess that she has created afterwards. There are also times that she doesn't like to put away her things and that is something that we don't like about her.

Give them loads of papers (scratch papers or not), crayons, pencils, clays and more. The more we support and guide them the more they will be more creative and expressive.

Get them off from ipads, computers and other gadgets as much as you can and encourage them to create anything that their minds can allow.


  1. i hate when kids do make a mess in the house. however, i knew of its benefits. the solution -i let a space where the youngest can get all her mess off :)

  2. I used to be an organized freak when I was single so when I got kids I was like losing my mind with mess everywhere. My daughter is like your niece but it's okay even if it means migraine for me lol.

  3. This was the state of my living room earlier today. I don't really mind the mess as long as they are having fun.

  4. My little K and your niece Sis will get along. They both enjoy doing crafts :-) Kids will be kids and am glad that they both enjoy painting and other fun stuff :-)

  5. That pretty much looks like our house when the kids are "working". :-) I let them do whatever they want after naptime. They, however, do know how to clean up after.

  6. Oh yes! When you are living with little ones, your house is bound to be like a tornado disaster zone. LOL! My vacuum and my broom never stops working in this house. I always have to pick up after my little ones. Your work never ends, but hey as long as they learn something from playing, painting, writing, creating things and what not, I am up for it. :)

  7. I wish my mother let me do this things when i was still younger ... I think it would help a lot


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