Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Importance of Family Dinner

Nothing beats a family that eats together at home for dinner. It may seem impossible to do on some homes especially when they have busy work schedules or when they simply don't like to be around together, which is so sad to hear. I reckon no matter how busy you are, every family should have a family dinner night as much as possible.

Eating together at your dinning table can be a good time for all of you to talk about family matters, work or school matters. Families can bond together sharing stories either good or bad and asking each of one how their day went and if they have some concerns over something.

While having dinner, avoid distractions like using your phone (calls, texting or playing), reading etc. Have real conversations with your family. Converse, laugh together and savor the foods that are served. In our family, it's always a must to eat together all the time except for instances where one family member can't make it on time.

Dinners can be spent more joyfully when every member of your family is present. Nothing is more delightful when home cooked meals are served on the table for you can veer away from eating greasy take-home meals.

Aside from nutritious and savory dishes that we can prepare at home, family dinners will be more comfortable when you have comfy chairs. Thanks to cushions where we can use them on our chairs and it's good to note that in Medieval days they are already using these cushions. We can also be thankful to Charles Darwin for inventing chairs with wheels, now, I don't have a hard time using my pc chair as well.

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Anyway, I just hope your family are eating dinner together just like what we are doing in our family. Family dinners are one of the many ways to nurture your family's connection, keep the love and respect alive in your home.

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