Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Presents

Wow, it's been a busy holiday for us and I'm actually liking it. My siblings and their family are home so we are complete this Christmas. This will be another wacky, happy, crazy bonding time with my family.

Gifts are wrapped and sitting under the Christmas tree already and we're straightening out some plans for the holidays. I just hope that you have also finished buying and wrapping all your gifts this year for it's only few more days and it's Christmas already. Actually, my nephews have given their wish list before we did our shopping so we have an idea what they liked. It's hard to think what they like so a wish list that includes guitar tab books for my nephew who love music and guitars will be very helpful. I know we can't give all what they like for Christmas but I'm sure they will be appreciate of what they will get as presents for Christmas for they also know that they can't have everything.

I'm actually excited and my mind and body is on holiday mode already. Busy holidays for us this year and I hope you are also having a grand time with your own respective families.

Have a wonderful holiday all!!

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