Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Their Christmas Wishes

My 10-year old niece is growing up so fast that soon she'll be a teenager. Right now, she is enjoying her time playing, going to school and do what normal kids do. One of her favorite things to do apart from playing some games in the computer is to play with her MLP or My Little Pony toys. I am amazed on how creative she was playing alone at their house. She made some chairs and other stuff out of cardboards where she'll pretend that they are used by her ponies.

She has quite a few collection of My Little Ponies but still she wanted to have another one of different kind for Christmas.I guess one of her aunt will her a big one this Christmas and I can't wait to see her reaction when she open her gifts this Christmas. I know she will love any toys that will be given to her but she really prefer another MLP.. Oh well, she's a really MLP fanatic.

If my niece wants a toy that she really loves, my teenage nephew on the other hand wants a new guitar and/or violin. What? Those are kinda expensive but I guess his parents will give him any of those if they have a budget. I will not wonder of he'll ask for a yamaha flute one day for he is really inclined on music these days. Let's see next year if he's still into music.

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