Saturday, January 25, 2014

American Idol Season 13 Auditions

Wow, another season for American Idol this year and I'm quite excited. I remember the nerve wracking performances of Jessica Sanchez and Philip Phillips at the finals and I was rooting for Jessica to win, not that she has a Filipino blood but she has a great talent. Eventhough a lot were disappointed with the result because of Philips' winning, I have to say that he has his own following and great talent too.

Been watching the auditions of AI13 on TV and again there are heaps of great talents that JLO, Keith Urban and Harry have unearthed and I hope they will shine once they go to Hollywood for more steep competition. Georgia has some promising singers and some I would say want to follow the footsteps of Philip Phillips with their country voice and guitar but I know they need to be unique and be themselves. There are heaps of martin acoustic guitars at musicians friend just in case some aspiring guitar players want to acquire their own guitar.

It's also funny to watch bloopers and those that have been rejected because of their outrageous or out oft his world performances. I know they just wanted to have fun on the show and not really want to be in AI because they really have no voice in the first place.

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