Thursday, February 27, 2014

When Kids Use their Gadgets all the Time

A lot of teens are using their gadgets most of the times that sometimes we hardly talk to them anymore. It's sad most of the times especially when they are too busy playing games on their computers and other gadgets that they don't have much time to have a good conversation or laugh with their parents or siblings. I even see some kids using their gadgets while eating or when they are our dining and that is disturbing already. I wish their parents can teach tell them no gadgets while eating because all activities have its own time.

There's an instance while we are dining out with family when I have to remind my own nephew to just take his earphone off his ear and just talk and mingle with his cousins. He seems to be so uninterested with what is going on so just listen to music can take his boredom off. There's no wrong in entertaining yourself  but if you are with your friends or relatives, I guess it's just a respect not to use it for long.

Isn't it disrespect when someone is talking to you and you have a loud sound on your ear? I bet most of the kids are not listening or didn't even know that someone is already talking to them.

Anyway, this teenage nephew of mine is always sound trippin' and I bet he'll trade going to the mall for he likes to be alone to listen and play. Ahhhh... I guess I need to buy him a Beats by Dr. Dre headphone for Christmas. but I'm afraid that he'll not stand from his pc anymore hehehe.

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  1. Ate Jen we have the same views when it comes to gadgets. Nakakalungkot talga to see kids who are so attached to their gadgets :(


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