Thursday, April 10, 2014

2014 Graduates

Another year has passed and students have learned new lessons and have gained new experiences. Two of my nephews graduated from Highschool this year and we are so proud of them.

One graduated with second honors while the other one has several "best"certificates because of his exemplary achievements in extra curricular activities for his school. It was indeed a happy moment for all of us when they graduated last March and now they are going on a new path coming school year 2014-2015.

Dither passed 2 university exams but he is set for enrollment on his preferred Uni this coming April 21st. He will be taking up Computer Engineering course while Hans on the other hand, is not yet prepared on what course he will be taking.

I'm wishing them all the good luck and may they continue to study harder when they are in college soon to earn a degree that they want.

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