Saturday, July 18, 2015

Musical Companion

I hope you are having a great day today. I started my day with a smile and full of enthusiasm. It's always nice to greet the day with lots of cheers and I hope I can do that everyday. Music also plays an important role in my waking life. Almost everyday, I see to it that I can have my daily dose of music that can also inspire and relaxes me.

Spotify is a gift.. really.! This is where I listen my fave songs and I can even browse all types of music on my desktop and mobile for free.. Yay! Listening is easy eventhough my speaker is not that big or hi-tech but let's me listen quite good. The boss 6 and other big musical accessories are needed anymore for my home listening pleasure. Just wish I have a more update speakers... hmmm... I will save for that and will give myself one on Christmas..yey!

Right now, Jessie J's , Ariana Grande's Bang-Bang is playing and what a bang on my playlist.

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