Friday, October 2, 2015

No Classes

Last week, a typhoon which is named JENNY entered our country and thankfully it left not much destruction and raining our area. It was very first time that a typhoon is named after my name so I'm quite excited, even taking screenshots of the news or at social media. Sadly it lashed Taiwan badly.

Anyway, a new storm just entered our country and it was now names KABAYAN. Yesterday it rained so hard that it left many areas flooded (as usual). With the continuous rains until early this morning, the weather bureau gave out list of signal warning to many areas including our place. Our municipality then declared that no classes in all levels today. That means my niece and nephew are at home doing their thing. My nephew loves computer games and music and I bet he'd be drowning himself with those today. I'm pretty sure if he will be able to browse, he'll then bug his parents for a guitar to practice as he he wants to learn to play it since summer. I just hope that he'll still open his books or notes to check on his school work but I know he'll do it on Saturday or Sunday.

Meanwhile, my niece  is on the computer poo. You Tube is her bestfriend, watching teen videos about her fave cartoon character My Little Pony at her age of Kids will be busy all day for sure.

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