Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ideas For Cremated Remains

After a family member passes away, there are a few options that you have when it comes to what is done with the body. You can have a traditional funeral with a casket so that the loved one is placed in a cemetery. This is common and offers a way for others to go to a place where they can place flowers on a grave or see a memorial for the person who has passed. Another option is cremation. This is less expensive, and instead of keeping the remains in an urn, there are a few other ideas that you can do with the remains so that the person is still close to you.

A keepsake bracelet is one option that you have when it comes to the ashes. There is a small amount placed in a bracelet, and the remaining ashes are often buried, placed in a mausoleum or scattered. If the person had a favorite place to visit while alive, then scattering the ashes there would be a way to remember the positive things instead of thinking about the pain that is often associated with death.

Another option that you have after getting a piece of jewelry made is to bury the ashes in an urn at your home. Find a tree in the backyard, create a stone memorial so that you have a marker, and bury the urn under the tree. You can also create a garden with a bench and flowers so that you have somewhere to sit while you are remembering your family member. Some people will use the ashes as a base for a tree. There are companies that will use the ashes to create a sapling that can be buried at your home. This can be a symbol of new life from one who has passed away.

If you want to do something that is symbolic of the person leaving their earthly home, then consider placing the ashes in a helium balloon, and let the balloons float through the air. You can attach a note to the balloon about what is inside or simply say that you love the person who has passed.

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