Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Flight Back Home

So I flew back home in Pinas with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart last Feb. 21st.At first, I was not crying and all and not feeling so sad but when I'm at the departure's gate and about to say my final goodbyes to my sitster and her family, my tears bursted.. wahhh.. I felt so sad because I will miss Australia, the 2 doggies and of course my sister and her family.

It's been a good and long 3-month stay in Sydney and I have to say that this is the most memorable vacation that I have in Australia. Being there for 4 times already have made me appreciate the country more, their culture, their food, their people and nice places. I will surely miss Australia and I hope there will come a time again in the future to visit the country once again.

I flew via Cebu Pacific and wow I my luggage was overweight I was only allowed 20-23 kilos but paid for the 4 kilos excess and wow it was AU$45/kilo so my bro in law paid $180 for the 4 kilos excess. Oh well that is part of flying for some including me that can never pack light as I have tons of pasalubongs or gifts.

The flight took around 8 hours. We left Sydney at past 1 pm Aussie time and arrived at 6pm Phil. Time (9:00 pm Australia Time). The flight is long and I have no seatmates so the 3 seats are all mine! haha..

Stopped by the Duty Free store to grab a bag of chocolates. Costs P1,800.. for M'&M and snickers and more...

Ahh... back in Pinas!

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