Saturday, October 8, 2016

80's Music Forever

Right now, I'm playing 80's music on my Spotify account and I can't help but to groove, become to sentimental and nostalgic to the music. 80's music brings a lot of my younger years.. ahhh.. what a great era. This decade is during my elementary-highschool-college-days where a lot of memories are stored in my memory.

Depeche mode, Spandau ballet, Madonna, Tears for Fears, Michael Jackson, A-ha, Tiffany, Duran Duran are just some of the popular singers/band back then. The era was new wave and i can still remember the dance moves that we used to dance haha.. Such a lovely memory and I had so much fun.

I can relive all the 80's music by playing them on Spotify or evern in Youtube if I want to watch some of their music videos or concerts. 80's era is the best! The sound/music are classic and easy to listen too. I regret not going to any concerts of international performers when they came here. It should been the best place where I can listen to their best songs,best bass players and more. I guess I don't have money that time since I'm a student that time and probably my parents have no means to give me money to splurge on a concert.. Funny..

I will cap my night with 80's music and it will ring in my ear till morning..

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