Friday, December 9, 2016

No Cook Overnight Oatmeal Chia Honey Breakfast Pudding

Few years back, I used to eat rice with egg or hotdog for breakfast then shifted to cereals with milk. The rice was too heavy for a breakfast for me so I stopped eating them.. then cereals came to the picture. I love honey and Oats by Kellogs with low fat milk almost everyday but sometimes i eat bread with spread.

I later found out a new delicious and healthy breakfast that was taught by my online friend. This no-cook oatmeal with chia and honey breakfast pudding was sooooo good that I have been eating it for over 2 weeks now almost everyday. I just changed the fruits that I use and oh boy it is really good. You need to try this.

Preparing it is just so simple. No need to cook and the ratio really depends on you .. no exact measurement. You just need to combine all of them, put in the fridge overnight and voila you'll have a filling breakfast the next day. The oats and chia seeds will absorb the milk and the concoction will turn to a pudding like consistency in the morning.

whole rolled oats
chia seeds- you can also use flax seeds
fruits that you like
milk ( low fat- almond, soya or coconut milk whatever you prefer)
honey - or maple syrup (but this can be skipped as most fruits are already sweet)

I usually put mine on mason jar but you can use any glass bottle you have.
I already made using grapes, banana, apple and mango, which is my fave.
You need to try this because it is so delicious and healthy!

Health benefits of OATS

  • rich in fiber, 
  • regulates bowel movement
  • good for the heart
  • controls blood sugar 
  • lower risk of hypertension
Health benefits of CHIA SEEDS
  • rich in fiber
  • helps treat diabetes
  • rich in antioxidants

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