Saturday, April 29, 2017

Summer Vacation

It's summer vacation here in my side of the world and everyone is heading to the beach or pool. I just had a 4-day beach escapade with my sister in law and we had a blast. Actually, I just planned it 2 months ago and thankfully it became a reality to be in Boracay.

Summer vacation means no school for the kids so they need to be pre-occupied for they will get bored easily. Enroll them on swimming lessons (i just did wooo!), enroll them on art school where they can show their creativity. It's not also too late to enroll them to music school if they want to learn how to sing, dance and even play musical instruments. If your kids are into drums, encourage them to study hard and practice more. Who knows you might get them a gift at electric drum set if they do good.

Encourage and support your children on what they want to do this summer break. Let them explore and learn new things. Keep them away from using too much gadgets for they can interact more with other kids and people when they go out of the house. It will encourage them to be more expressive and sociable unlike when they are just at home stuck with their gadgets.

Go to a place where you have not been before and  savor the memories as a family. Have a great summer vacation everyone!

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