Monday, May 15, 2017

Custom Embroidery

Think back to the businesses you have visited in the last few weeks. Or, consider the products which you have purchased. Have you noticed their use of embroidery and how it made everything from welcome mats to company shirts look that much better? As opposed to iron-ons and decals, embroidered products have that extra splash to them.

Think about this in the terms of weather as well. For example, consider custom embroidery in Florida where humidity, the sun, and salt water can fade and erode other forms of design. Yes, a product which is embroidered can certainly get wet, but the logo or product name remains clear and sharp. In many cases, what is embroidered into the product lasts longer than the product itself.

So, if this is intriguing, what do you need to do to choose your custom embroidering? First, look at a site like Creative Images Embroidery to see what is offered. In some cases, what the company sees as custom may be slight adjustments to their existing templates.

Next, determine how they are handling the embroidering process. This practice was done by hand before the age of computers and automated machines. While hand-embroidery may seem like a good idea, it won't help you if you need to order 50 shirts for an event. Find out what they're using and how quick they can turnaround product.

Another item to review is the business' inspection process. You don't want any hoop marks to be seen on your product. Thus, check to see if the company steams their embroidered products to remove these marks and inspects them afterward to check for any burned areas.

Lastly, determine how they ship the products. Bagging the items keeps them from wrinkling; however, you may not wish to have chemicals of the plastic bags permeate the products. Also, look into the company's flexibility when it comes to delivery. In other words, they may have the option of using their own delivery companies or your shipping organizations and discounts. Should the products show defects, make sure the company's return policy allows for no-fee returns and a full refund or total replacement of the product.

When you're ready to promote your business, don't go the cheap way. Definitely look into embroidery to give the items the extra sheen of professionalism.

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