Friday, August 18, 2017

Giving Food as Gifts

Shopping for gifts is more difficult than it should be, and it is paradoxically harder when you are shopping for someone you know very well. You want to impress your friends and loved ones with your good taste, but you also need to choose something that meshes with their own tastes. Gag gifts are an obvious solution, though they are impersonal and are often discarded quickly after being opened. Edible gifts are perfect for these situations, since they are lighthearted and actually usable. No one looks down on a gift that can be eaten.

Coffee and tea lovers always enjoy trying new brews and blends. Someone who drinks mainstream coffee brands every morning would love to receive a git box of imported high-end coffee. The same idea goes for tea; tea lovers are known for always wanting to try new kinds. If you can't find coffee gift that suits the recipient, subscription shipments are a great option. You could sign your friend up for a year's worth of monthly coffee deliveries.

Cheese is another popular food gift. A decorative box stocked with organic and artisanal cheeses will please hardcore foodies and casual snackers alike. It is not necessary to include crackers or bread with the cheese, though fruit jams or preserves would be nice complements. The idea is to give your friend something interesting and exciting, and bread does not accomplish that aim.

Meat gifts have seen a rise in popularity. Steaks and sausages made from organic grass-fed beef fit the same niche as fancy cheese or wine. People who are interested in eating the best foods all the time will be interested in trying premium meats that have been prepared in creative ways. Like coffee and tea, high-quality meats can also be gifted via monthly subscription services.

When in doubt, opt for candy. The trick with giving candy is to avoid the cliched boxes of chocolates with creamy colored fillings. Many companies sell chocolates or cake pops on sticks that are arranged like floral bouquets. Some even sell candy bouquets of popular candy bars and packets still in their wrappers. Chips, cookies and snack mixes can also be purchased in this format.

Gift giving doesn't have to be stressful! All you have to do is think about your friend's favorite foods and choose a version that is slightly upgraded, whether in quality, flavor or presentation, from the kind he or she usually eats.

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