Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Choosing A Travel Method For Your Baby

From tantrums to diaper accidents; caring for a baby is not easy feat and it is less easy during a trip. Each method of travel has its pros and cons like the cost of flight ticket versus buying gas, the stress of referring to maps and making wrongs turns while driving versus the ease of sitting in the plane and reaching your destination without worrying about navigation.

Traveling by road is slower but is more comfortable for your baby as you can follow his feeding and sleep schedules by making stop-overs. Flights on the other hand take you to your destination faster but are more expensive and quite restrictive about what you can bring along and also has limited space for movement. The amount of things you’ll need to transport may also factor into your decision. Will you need to take a car seat or a stroller?

When making the decision of travel method, ensure you consider your baby’s safety and comfort during the trip. Also put into mind your baby’s personality as an irritable baby would get stressed during a long trip while a baby that likes to motion might not appreciate being placed in a stationary position for even a few minutes.

If you do choose to fly with an infant, see the infographic below for helpful tips.
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