Friday, August 3, 2018

Overcoming Adversity

Why is overcoming adversity so hard for so many people today? Why do so many people feel lost in our culture, isolated and alone? For anyone who has ever gone through a "dark night of the soul," life can sometimes feel hopeless. The reality today is that our culture has become very fast-paced and driven by technology, and these developments have left many people feeling that they are on the sidelines. As humans, we are wired to be with other people and to have a network of support to keep us going, especially during times of adversity. The times when we feel alone are when we are at our most vulnerable, but the reality is that help and support are truly out there. Yes, hope is a reality, and the fact is that there are many people available in faith communities who are ready to support others on a constant, continual basis.

Finding Community With others

Having a part in a supportive, loving community is the key to getting the strength needed to overcome adversity. Many people find this support through the love of their family, or in a school community. For those who lack those social networks, a loving church community can be the key to finding the strength and love that is needed.

Weekly Meetings

Having a church to be a part of can be a life saver for many people. Along with weekly church meetings, many churches also offer ongoing Bible study classes and faith support groups. These groups can be a great way for members to share their struggles and to be in constant touch with people who can give them loving advice and counseling.

Everyone deals with adversity at some point in their life. The key is to reach out ask for support from a loving community, and from God.

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