Tuesday, September 11, 2018

4 Remodeling Secrets from the Pros

The world is full of renovation advice, but only some of it comes from the professionals, and they're the ones with insider knowledge. If you'd like to benefit from their expertise, here are just a few things that most people won't tell you about remodeling.

1. Your contractors will probably work as a team.
It's common for contractors to juggle multiple jobs at once, so rather than coming to your home every day, they'll send assistants and sub-contractors in their stead. If this bothers you, make sure that you clarify during the hiring process that you don't want anyone else but the head contractor knocking down your walls.

2. You can do the majority of the work before the project even begins.
Building things takes less time than you might think. Most of the stress of remodeling comes from the initial prep work of finding contractors, buying materials, having supplies delivered and working out schedules that will accommodate everyone. If you get all of these things done before the renovation actually begins, you might be surprised by how quickly it can move.

3. There's no such thing as a "standard" contract.
This applies to everything from electrical work to tile laying. These professionals make their own contracts, which means that they also set their own prices and make their own timetables. Don't let anyone run roughshod over you by claiming that their service terms are "standard" or "universal." Everything is negotiable.

4. You can say no.
This is something that sounds obvious but rarely gets put into practice. If you don't like the direction that your renovation is moving in, put your foot down and say so! It's your house, and you're the one paying for all of the upgrades. You get the final say in everything that happens under your roof. You just need the self-confidence to make your voice heard.

These are just a few secrets that renovation experts won't tell you. Do you feel more prepared for your remodeling project? Contact Chicago general contractors to start talking about plans and blueprints.

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