Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Shiny Shoes

Choosing shoes for your toddler to wear for a special occasion, for pictures, or to wear with a fun outfit can be an exciting adventure. When selecting gold Mary Janes toddler dress shoes, you need to consider the event as well as the activity level of your child. You can find gold shoes that have a lot of sparkle on them or those that have more of a matte appearance. The shoes that you get should be easy to keep clean if your child is active or if your child will be outside while wearing the shoes.

Polka dots on gold shoes that are a lighter shade than the background are a fun option. When you think of gold, you think of glitter. Mary Janes that have a lot of glitter on them will sparkle, making them a fun pair of shoes to wear for Christmas and other holidays. A bow on the toe of the shoe adds a beautiful detail. Some of the Mary Janes that you can get have animal ears and details on the toes. These are an option for children who like to play with their shoes or for children who might need a distraction while they are getting a picture made or if they are wearing the shoes to a special event that involves a lot of adults and waiting around.

You can get Mary Janes in all sizes for toddlers, which means that you can find baby shoes for even the smallest child to wear. These are often softer than other styles of Mary Janes and bend easily with the feet. They are also easier to get on and off. There are gold designs for all seasons, such as lighter shades for the summer months that can be worn with bathing suits and sundresses and darker shades for the winter that match holiday dresses.

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